2019 Annual Leadership Development Conference


DALLAS, TX | MARCH 10 - 13, 2019


Melanie Dulbecco


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Melanie Dulbecco’s mantra is “Grow, baby, grow!” That’s what she’s done for over 25
years as Torani’s first outside CEO. Torani, the fiercely independent syrup and flavor
maker, has averaged 20% year-over-year revenue growth in that time. It’s expanded
distribution to more than 50 countries around the world and has become the U.S.’
leading syrup in consumers’ kitchens and cafes’ shelves across the country.
Unconventional in approach, Melanie and the Torani team think of the company as a 94-
year-old start-up. The company culture is palpable, with a shared passion around its
“Flavor for All, Opportunity for All” purpose. They’re deeply committed to building value
and positive impact for all stakeholders… team members, partners, customers, and the

Melanie’s at home in all parts of the business, whether it's diving deep into brand
discussions with marketing and sales, hashing out plans with finance to fuel the
company's hyper growth, taste-testing every new flavor in the R&D lab, or walking the
production floor. And whether it's joining Torani's flash mob at San Francisco's North
Beach Parade, or creating random acts of flavor in the office or the community, she's all

Melanie loves that Torani’s products help people to connect -- in cafes, restaurants, and
homes around the globe. She believes creating drinks with Torani products gives the
world a reason to share a moment with family and friends. She is deeply committed to
building an organization that creates value and positive impact for all stakeholders,
including team members, partners, customers, shareholders, and the community.
Torani’s commitment to becoming a B Corp certified company in 2019 drives and
motivates Melanie each day.

She is deeply involved in SHE-CAN (Supporting Her Education – Changes A Nation) as a
board member and mentor supporting young women from Rwanda, Cambodia and
Liberia. Equally passionate about local youth, she is an active member of the local Boys &
Girls Club. In addition to serving on Torani’s Board of Directors, Melanie is also on the
Board of Traditional Medicinals.

Melanie is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Economics, and holds an MBA from
the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She resides in San Francisco along with her
daughter Sammy. During her down time, Melanie enjoys cycling, art, live music, traveling
to learn about new cultures, and sharing good food around the table with family and

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